The Sims 2 + All Expansions For Free

by Marc Colhounon July 24, 2014
Do you own The Sims 2 and all of the expansions? Me neither, it aint really my jam. Now, however, you can pick the game up with all of the expansions for exactly $0.00. Not too shabby, right? All you need is to open up your origin account and enter the code ‘I-Love-The-Sims’ and you [...]


Battlefield Hardline Delayed

by Marc Colhounon July 24, 2014
The EA hate train is experiencing technical difficulties, we apologize for any inconvenience caused. So, EA doesn’t exactly get an easy time from me and I am sure that they all loose a lot of sleep over it. I generally don’t like to tell a developer or a publisher that they are doing really bad [...]


Destiny – Xbox One Vs PS4

by Marc Colhounon July 24, 2014
So I know that the Xbox One vs PS4 arguments get old fast. I really hope that this doesn’t turn into one of them. I find it pretty interesting, however, to look at videos of the two consoles going up against each other just to see how it plays. Here is a video of the [...]

[Lifestyle] The Mental Struggle Is Real

by ToshiroAkion July 23, 2014
What’s up #SGNation it’s ToshiroAki back again with another article. Today some real talk about quitting and giving up on your goals. We always hear a bunch of people making these grand plans around new years, they say things like “I will give up smoking” or “I will lose weight.” However the number of peo...

ArcheAge Second Closed Beta Event

ArcheAge Second Closed Beta Event Wednesday, July 30

by Anthony Accinellion July 23, 2014
ArcheAge will be opening its second episode of closed beta access on Wednesday, July 30th. Titled “Setting Sail”, it begins at 10AM PST July 30th and ends 10AM PST August 4th. According to the ArcheAge website, the second beta episode will be 3x larger with many more beta invites to follow....

Forza Horizon 100 Vehicles

Forza Horizon 2 Reveals First 100 Vehicles

by Anthony Accinellion July 23, 2014
Forza Horizon 2 has revealed its first 100 vehicles in a recent press release. This is roughly half of the just over 200 cars that will be available at launch, including everything from classic to super cars. Day one purchase for myself, being that it has both the 2005 and 2011 Subaru WRX, which happen to [...]


Xbox One Best Games Advertisement is Pretty Cheesy

by Marc Colhounon July 22, 2014
So here is a video showing all of the new and shiny games that you will probably be able to play at some point on that shiny Xbox One you bought at launch. That was bundle with a necessary Kinect… that is now unnecessary. I’m sure you are super hyped about this… The game is [...]


Watch Dogs Mod Finally Finished

by Marc Colhounon July 22, 2014
Federico Rojas, whos is definitely better known as TheWorse, these days has finished his work on the Watch Dogs mod he has been working on to try and make the game look like the E3 reveal. For those of you who have a PC you can go and download it here TheWorse had this to say [...]

The Last of Us

The Last of Us Live

by Marc Colhounon July 22, 2014
Hey do you live remotely near Santa Monica and want to go see The Last of Us live? Well, tough because it’s all sold out. You can however still watch the broadcast on twitch, YouTube and PSN. On Monday 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific the show will be broadcast and will include the main characters from the [...]


Facebook Oculus Deal Finalized

by Marc Colhounon July 22, 2014
So, it’s been a while since we put out some news about the Facebook Oculus deal that everyone was losing their minds over a few months back. Well, the deal has been done and Oculus is now a part of Facebook. I know that some of you will be pissed off about this. I mean, [...]