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Diablo Offensive Build Guide – Battlefield Domination

Level 1 – Block I like to choose Block at level 1 due to Diablo’s low health after the last patch. Keep in mind that this build is around one major theme: battlefield domination. I’m not going with the Black Soulstone build because I don’t want a ton of health – I want to do […]


Razer announces the Firefly, a mousepad that lights up

From the press release: Razer™, a leader in connected devices and software for gamers, today announced the release of the Razer Firefly, the first hard gaming mouse mat with Razer’s Chroma lighting feature. The Chroma feature adds 16.8 million color options and numerous customizable lighting effects to the mouse mat, including reactive, wave and spectrum […]

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Sylvanas Siege Push Build Guide

Level 1 – Barbed Shot Level 4 – Paralysis Level 7 – Unstable Poison Level 10 – Wailing Arrow Level 13 – Splinter Shot Level 16 – Cold Embrace Level 20 – Bolt of the Storm This is the perfect build for a Sylvanas siege push. Sylvanas’ trait, Black Arrow, stuns minions, mercenaries, and towers […]


Kerrigan – Combo Wombo Hero Killer Build Guide

Level 1 – Sweeping Grasp This is a must pick. The extended reach is perfect for Kerrigan’s combo. If you don’t choose this you’ll be missing picks all day. Level 4 – Envenom More damage. Boom. Level 7 – Battle Momentum Less cooldowns = more damage potential. Crush people. You’re Kerrigan. Level 10 – Maelstrom […]

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The Lost Vikings – Build Guide plus How to Play

Level 1 – Viking Hoard Each lost Viking gains 1 health per second. This is increased by .5 for every globe gathered. It’s important that you keep your Vikings alive so they can soak experience in the lane. If one of them dies while you are tri-laning, it really messes up the team flow. Keep […]


Anub’arak – Beetle Power Build Guide

Level 1 – Assault Scarab This will increase your beetles attack damage by 25%, which is a good thing, as you want to chase people down with Anub and smash them. A beetle is spawned with each ability used (and even more at Legion of Beetles) so with Assault Scarab you’ll be killin’ fools all day. […]

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Abathur – Symbiote Team Buff Build Guide

Level 1 – Regenerative Microbes When you symbiote your fellow Hero, you heal them. Easy choice here. Stay alive and kick some ass. Level 4 – Adrenal Overload 25% attack speed on your hosted target is an easy choice. Team up with Illidan or Zeratul and watch your enemies melt beneath you. Level 7 – […]

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Raynor – Team Buff and DPS Build Guide

Level 1 – Seasoned Marksman While I don’t typically like this talent choice – I’m looking at you Illidan – I do like it for Raynor’s post patch build. With Raynor, you’re going to want to do a lot of damage quickly, and is fairly good at clearing minion waves. Because of this, Seasoned Marksman […]

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Jaina – Chill Damage Build Guide

Level 1 – Deep Chill Increases the slow of chilled targets from 25% to 35%. This is very important for Jaina’s combo, E+W (Cone of Cold then Blizzard). The longer it takes them to leave the area, the better chance you have at landing all Blizzard strikes. Level 4 – Envenom Easy choice here. Do […]

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Uther – Stun Healer Build Guide

Level 1 – Fist of Justice Basic attacks reduce the cooldown by 1 second, meaning you’ll be able to stun approaching (or even better, retreating) enemies much more often. Level 4 – Hammer of the Lightbringer Basic attacks restore 8 mana. I choose this over Conjurer’s Pursuit at level 1 (for mana regen) because I […]