H1Z1 Patch coming, fixing loot

A new H1Z1 patch is coming this afternoon, fixing a lot of issues alongside loot spawn rates. The full list (taken from here) is as follows:

OOTP 16 Baseball Officially Licensed

It’s getting to that time where pitchers and catchers are soon to report to spring training. With spring training almost upon us it means a new version of Out of the Park Developments baseball sim titles OOTP 16. This coming years version of OOTP will feature official licensing from Major League Baseball. This means we […]


Pneuma: Breath of Life will destroy your brain on February 27th

Pneuma: Breath of LifePneuma: Breath of Life is a first-person puzzle game that is scheduled to release on February 27th for the Xbox One. It’s also sitting on Steam Greenlight, hoping to grace the PC market soon. A console-exclusive to Xbox One for its first 30 days, Pneuma: Breath of Life is going to destroy your […]


H1Z1 Crafting Recipes Guide

H1Z1 boasts a thorough crafting system. In order to learn these recipes you’ll have to place each ingredient in the ‘Discover’ tab. Once you have learned the recipe, you can craft it whenever you want. So long as you have the necessary components. This is just a starting list of recipes that have been found. If […]


H1Z1 Map – Places of Interest, Roads, Water, and more

H1Z1 is a fairly large game. A combination of a large map, 100’s of players on a single server, and a multitude of hidden areas with loot drops, H1Z1 is the type of adventure that a map is going to be needed. I’ve gone ahead and made this easy to read, single file map. It will change […]


PC Grand Theft Auto V delayed, Heists most likely with it

The PC version of Grand Theft Auto V has been given a new release date (also known as delayed). Rather than the original January 27th release, fans of the series will have to wait until March 24, 2015. “But why?” you ask – simple, really: it’s not ready for release. At least according to Rockstar […]


Spamfish’s Top 20 Games of 2014

Spamfish ( is a Twitch personality with an incredible grasp on video games. As a variety streamer he plays nearly every title that’s released. Which is why a top 20 list from him is something to be excited about. Take a look at his top 20 for 2014. Discuss. Debate. Have fun. Oh, and of […]

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Microsoft Studios announces new monetization rules for ‘Let’s Plays’

The monetization of Let’s Play videos has been the focus of many a discussion lately. Mainly the fact that certain companies allow it, and certain companies don’t (most notably Nintendo for the latter). Being that the decision to allow monetization is in the hands of the company themselves, there’s no real rhyme or reason to […]